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League Competitions


Instructions for League Competitions (Sections 1 & 2)

Full instructions are on the web pages B1-Notes and B2-Rules


Section 1

  • Teams of five, shooting on NSRA 1989 cards.
  • Any iron-sighted .22 rifle and ammunition may be used.

Section 2

  • Teams of four, shooting on Cadets and Schools cards.
  • Any iron-sighted .22 rifle and ammunition may be used.

Telescopic sights may not be used.

Each competitor will fire one card per round per fortnight but Round 3 date allows for half term. Rounds 1 & 2 to be fired and sent in together. Last dates for firing are informed by email from the Secretary. Teams will be placed in Divisions of six or seven on the basis of declared averages, and the winners of each will receive a set of BSSRA embroidered cloth badges. League points will be awarded in each round on the basis of 'number of teams beaten plus one'.

Notes on Completing the League Entry Form:

  • Schools may enter any number of teams in each section.
  • Each team should be allocated a letter, from A alphabetically through the Sections 1 - 2.
  • Within a Section the firers with the best averages should be in the highest team, and so on.
  • Competitors may fire in more than one Section but in only one team per Section.
  • Team personnel should be declared, with averages, on the entry form.
  • Please do your best here, giving the previous term averages if possible.
  • Teams for which no averages are given risk being placed in the highest Divisions.

Top Score (not to be confused with HPS) badges are sent to you to award to the highest scorer of each team.

Before firing Round 1 you must issue sets of cards for all five rounds. You do this by:

  • signing (initialling) across the back of one diagram on each card (for Division 1 teams in each Section stickers will be issued, and must be affixed to the back of a diagram on each card)
  • put the Team's letter, Round Number and firer's name on the front of each card. To make a substitution cross out the original competitor's name and insert the new name.

With your first sets of cards you send to your scorer you must also send

  • an issue certificate with witnesses' names and specimen signatures
  • email address for results/contact
  • telephone number of contact

Any additional witnesses you use later need to be introduced as above, direct to your Scorer.

Results from your Scorer will be sent by e-mail unless you include an SAE with your shot cards. Results will also be posted on this website when received by the webmaster

If reserves or substitutes have to be used an explanation must be written on the card. Their current average should not exceed the registered/declared average of the team member they replace. You may use the NSRA rule about reserves - NSRA Rules and Regulations 2.1 - 7.9.7 (please annotate the card).

Please post each round's cards before the weekend preceding the last date for firing.

If you cannot then please use first class post.

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