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Recent Updates

Results for the Staff Championship, Team of Eight Final, and most Leagues are now available. Several pages have been updated, but the Autumn League Entry Form has been removed pending changes due to take place later in the year.


Tony Clayton


BSSRA.ORG problems

I apologise for the recent disappearance of the website. For some reason the provider of the url sent a verification message to an unknown address which was not replied to. As a result the site was put on ClientHold which makes it disappear. This took a while to sort out but the site is now back in action with emails to be sent to the Webmaster. The opportunity has been taken to purchase bssra.uk and bssra.org.uk which end up on the same site as bssra.org.

Further updates were delayed due to my having no broadband for eight days due to a fault in the exchange.which BT initially denied existing!


Tony Clayton 7/7/15

Veterans Match Results 2014/15

These are now to be found on the website at http://www.bssra.org/results-veterans.htm. Congratulations to the Old Victorians on winning the Fletcher Cup and also the medals for second and third place

International Postal Match – Candidates required

Dear Master i/c Shooting,

Re: New Zealand vs BSSRA international Postal Match 2014

We have again been invited to select a BSSRA team of ten shooters to compete against a New Zealand Schools team. If therefore you have any pupils who have an indoor 10-bull average of over 95, I would be very grateful if you could complete the attached pro-forma and e-mail it to me (crsl@felsted.org)by 15 October at the latest.As usual, postal trials will be conducted.

Team members will all receive a NZ banner. They will also be able to purchase a BSSRA team blazer badge, a BSSRA team tie and other BSSRA items

Yours sincerely

Charles Lee

Latest Website Updates

Section C Div 3 Scores Lent 2014


New Website

Welcome to the BSSRA blog – Please stay tuned for news, results and fixtures…